Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Keep Fishing!

Considering a Druid can turn into a Bear, Cat, and Bird of Prey, it is hardly surprising that we would like fish.

As a Resto Druid, it is far simpler for me to supply food via fishing than by killing a bunch of creatures.  Killing anything in Resto spec takes forever . . . The other day, I had to kill a level 85 something so I could reach a school of fish (root, moonfire, wrath, root, wrath, wrath, root, travel form, moonfire, root, heal, wrath . . . in a seemingly endless cycle . . .), only to find by the time I had finished that the pally fishing across the lake appeared and claimed my node.  (I didn't waste my time complaining to him.  Wouldn't have done any good.)

So it has been a priority of mine to help the guild obtain the recipe for the Seafood Magnifique Feast. 10,000 fish from schools is the price.

At the moment, we're sitting on about 4800 and some change items fished out of schools.  (Each cast where you reel something in counts, whether it is fish, chests, herbs, or elemental pieces.)  At least 2500 have been from my efforts.  (Probably more, but I didn't keep track of things at the beginning.)  It doesn't make things easier that the best caster fish do not school, so my efforts at school fishing are either for fish to use in future feasts or fish I really do not need.  I know there are other fishers out there, but they seem to mostly be casters, which means, of course, that they generally do their fishing in open water.

In an effort to encourage other guild members to join in the effort, I posted a "public service announcement" on our guild website:

Why go out of your way to fish in schools: 
1) Goblin Barbecue only gives you 60 stats; Seafood Magnifique Feast gives you 90.
2) You can help the guild start to stock up on the fish for Seafood Magnifique--at least the ones which school. (The eel and the guppies.)

Why it isn't entirely a burden:

1) Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation every so often.
2) It gives you the chance to catch up on your podcasts or your TV shows.
3) What you fish up isn't entirely worthless, even if they aren't the fish you normally use for your food. Oily Blackmouth can sell for roughly a gold each (or more if you catch someone on a day when they're desperate) and Greater Sagefish for about 50s on a reasonably regular basis. Some Northrend fish (Sculpin) still usually sell. (Wouldn't bank on the Outlands fish.) In addition, the cloth and leather found in lowbie land chests still sell.
4) You can raise fishing on a guilded alt or even your main, if you haven't bothered to do it before now.
5) You can raise cooking with the fish you pick up.
6) If you fish in a lowbie land, you can usually pick up 100 fish in a half-hour. (I mean along the Darkshore coastline, in the Moonglade, or running around the lakes, rivers, or coastlines of Northrend as a level 85.) That's a small time investment while you're waiting in that 45-minute Heroic queue for dps.

So do yourself and the guild a favor: make the effort to spend a small amount of time each week fishing in schools. Every little bit helps us to reach our 10,000 fish goal!
I'll keep fishing, of course, but it would be nice to see the numbers go up with the multiplicative power of the guild.

Someday . . . someday . . .

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