Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did They Forget Something?

The first Justic Badge purchase I made when Anachan dinged 85 was a chest piece, the Robes of Forgetfulness.  Subsequent events have made me wonder if they forgot something when they created this piece . . .

They seem to have forgotten a graphic!  The skirt portion of this item takes on the appearance of what is worn beneath.

I didn't realize this until last night, when I excitedly received my new epic pants, the Leggings of Consuming Flames.  As I looked at my character, I realized that her skirt bore all the appearance of wearing pants . . .

As an experiment, I removed her pants to see what it looked like.  (After all, under a robe, nobody should be able to see what she is wearing . . . or not wearing . . . right?)

Ooops!  Her skirt took on the color of her unmentionables and her legs.

I began to wonder if I was the only one seeing the view this way.  As none of my guildies were around when I was in the process of documenting this, I could not confirm this view with them.  However, when I looked at Anachan in the Armory, I saw a similar view.

See?  You can see the Leggings of Consuming Flames right through the Robes of Forgetfulness.

I think I had not noticed this before because my previous pants sort of coordinated with the expected view of Druid armor.  I had the pants from the Earthen Ring rep, which look like this (I know it's hard to see under the tabard):

Beneath the robe, it ends up looking like this:

See?  It looks like something you might expect to see on a Druid robe.

I know it's silly to be concerned if my clothing doesn't coordinate.  We wear mismatched pieces all the time.  But having an article of clothing which doesn't coordinate with itself is a little disturbing.

I feel a little bit like I'm wearing the Emperor's new clothes . . .


I collected a couple of pictures without the tabard, so you can see how much the Earthen Ring pants really do coordinate with the top portion, thus fooling me into believing it was actually part of the robe.

And now for the new pants . . .

Yea . . . no coordination here at all . . .

I took a look at Wowhead, and it appears that this is a bug noticed by many, so it's not just me!

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