Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

I have never liked patch days.

I used to have connection problems on patch days. I have no idea why. Everything would be working just fine, then the patch would come and I'd be kicked off the server multiple times.

It is frustrating to log on and see one's addons inoperable.  I remember once when we logged on, only to find that <*gasp*> Grid wasn't working.  Panic swept through the healers until someone discovered a line which could be added to the addon to make it work.  (No word on Grid being updated so far today . . . downloaded Vuhdo to my machine, just in case . . .)

And then there are the days where you just do not know when the server will come up at all.  First, they say the server will be up at a certain time, then as that time approaches, a new time is posted, etc.  Once, I was in a guild which raided in the early afternoon. They ended up finally changing their raiding schedule to not include Tuesdays, because they never could be sure if the realm would be available for play.

The waiting and the uncertainty are probably the worst parts.  When will the server be up?  Will my addons work?  Will enough people be able to log on and have stable connections to do anything?  It doesn't help when you know it is a large patch (like today's), so a good deal of set-up will be required right at the start.  (New spec, new glyphs, new spell keybindings . . .)

On the bright side, these times of waiting are when the guild forum sees a lot of action and there is more than enough time to catch up on all the blog reading I missed while being away.

There's always a bright side, after all.

Edited to correct some silly errors because I didn't proofread this very carefully . . .


  1. according to Curse the old grid will work in 4.0? have you tried it yet?

  2. Last night, Grid did not even show up on my screen.

    I notice that Wowinterface has an updated Grid now, but some of the plug-ins may have issues, they say.