Friday, October 22, 2010

Resto Healing Now

After a few raids, I've finally settled down into some kind of healing pattern.  It's still requiring quite a bit of thought to maintain--after all, it takes about two weeks to develop a habit--but at least it's not wearing out my brain by the end of the night anymore.

Here's a quick rundown of my healing now:

Rejuvenation:  I'm casting this a lot more than I anticipated, from the beta reports.  I don't randomly spread it out, but the mana supports casting it over many targets taking damage.  I cast it whenever I'm not needing to cast something else.

Regrowth:  This is where I might find myself with mana issues if I do not watch it; sometimes it is tempting to spread these around, as the cast time is so short.  That said, it's a very handy spell when someone needs a quick top-up.

Swiftmend:  I'm usually casting this on the tanks or melee, for the full benefit of Efflourescence, unless someone somewhere else is in dire need of a quick, larger heal or they are going to die.  If I keep my head on, I'll cast this about every time it comes available.  That said, I haven't noticed that Efflourescence has been a tremendously large part of my healing.  But, hey, every little bit helps.

Lifebloom:  I used to spread these liberally throughout the raid.  It was such a habit that I had to switch the keybindings for this and Regrowth, to avoid cutting short my Lifeblooms accidentally.  Now I keep at least one stacked on the tank at all times, for Replenishment.  (Just because I'm not having mana problems now on a regular basis doesn't mean it's not a good habit to have.  Besides, the priests will thank me.)

Wild Growth:  Interestingly enough, I haven't been using this one as much.  To be honest, I was never a "cast WG as soon as the cooldown is up" person, anyway.  I do use it if there is much raid-wide damage going on.

Healing Touch:  Healing what?  I have it keyed in Clique, but that's about it.  I figure I'll probably end up using it later on in Cataclysm.

Nourish:  This is too slow to be the "oh, my goodness, I've got to keep this person alive during this spike damage" spell now.  Regrowth has taken its place.  To be honest, the only place I've found myself using this so far was healing Dreamwalker as a non-portal-taking dedicated boss healer.  As this situation can actually cause mana problems, it was handy to have a spell I could just about cast indefinitely after I had stacked HoTs.

Tree of Life:  This is like having a "Use" trinket.  I have always hated "Use" trinkets.  In fact, I have done my best to pass on any and all "Use" trinkets (except the spirit one in Naxx at the beginning of Wrath . . . I macro'd that to my Innervate).  In some fights, I have to keep reminding myself to use this ability--just pop the dratted thing--instead of wondering if I should be saving it or whatever.  But in other fights (Heroic Putricide phase changes, anyone?) it is easy to see when using the cooldown is optimal. (Innervate frequently follows ToL . . . all those lovely insta-cast Regrowths being tossed everywhere . . .)

Tranquility:  It's nice to have a raid cooldown, actually.  That's what I use Tranquility for, most of the time.  I should use it more often, to be honest.  (Again, if there isn't an optimally-planned time to use it, just use it when it seems to make sense . . .)

It's nice to feel like I have some kind of handle on how things work now, even if I know I still need improvement.  At least I know in what direction the improvement needs to go.

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