Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Hasty Decision

With the changes to the Druid talent tree in 3.3, I've found myself chasing haste. Before, I didn't worry about it too much. If it was on my gear, well and good, but I found the amount I had to be sufficient with my Gift of the Earthmother talent to make my healing life fairly simple.

But with the changes to that talent, I suddenly found my Global Cool Down feeling very sluggish. I had to watch it spin, so I didn't click too soon and slow down my healing by having to click again because the first one didn't cast. I started eating haste food instead of spellpower food. But I still felt that everything was moving too slowly, almost like I was trying to force my way through mud or snow or Jell-o.

So I have caved in to the latest stop-gap trend in Restoration talent speccing: 18/0/53. I specc'd for Celestial Focus, dropping Living Seed.

I have to admit that it feels a lot more comfortable now. The GCD is spinning at what seems to be a more proper rate, and I am not finding myself becoming bogged down as I was before. I'm hoping to pick up some more haste gear along the way and when I get a few more pieces, I may be able to scale down my Balance Tree speccing and put more points into the Restoration tree again.

Sometimes when you finally give in and do what you have to do, it ends up being a lot less painful than you thought it would be.

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