Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog About It!!

I have this insane hope that Supremus, from my guild, will stumble upon this. I hightly doubt he will, because even though I have a link to this page from my guild avatar, I have never known anyone to actually acknowledge following it.

I do not know if someone else in my guild has a blog--more than likely a more active blog--but lately, there has been a trend in our guild chat. When someone has a complaint of one sort or another, someone (usually Supremus) will tell them, "Blog about it!"

Which brings up the question: what is the purpose of a blog?

I've heard that, traditionally, a blog is meant to be a repository of information--a place where someone could come get information and links. An example would be blogs where the author (or group of authors) researches information on Druid stats and specs, including links to Elitest Jerks or Tankspot, for example. Icedragon's blog, Druid Main comes to mind, focusing on many aspects about the Druid and role-playing, as well as The Overpowered Druid , which includes links to videos and strategies.  (Some other blogs relating to Druids are also linked on this page.)

A venue for writing about one's life experiences or opinions is more properly termed a "web journal," and yet, this is the purpose to which many personal blogs are written. (Including mine.) This is the sort of blog in which someone may say, "Man, my guild messed up so badly in ToGC25 last night! You would not have believed the poor job the healers did . . ."

But, hey, it would be a little cumbersome for Supremus to say, "Go write in your web-journal about it!" Saying, "Go blog about it!" has a much more succinct and powerful ring. So I'm not going to quibble with him on semantics.

That said, unless one has a private web journal, it might be wise to be careful what one does end up publishing. (If one actually cares about keeping the peace in one's guild, that is . . .)

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