Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the Reforging of Val'anyr

I like to write verse. I can't justly call it poetry, because it's not terribly good. But it is fun, and it is a way I can be unique. (For good or ill . . .) This verse was written to commemorate the reforging of Val'anyr accomplished by the Tempest guild of Gorgonnash server. <*ahem*>

The fragments quivered subtly in my hands,
As if to whisper long forgotten lore.
Could this be? Were we to understand
That we had found the treasured mace of yore?

A ruin now, once held in Stoneheart's grip-
Titan-forged, to bring the Earthen life-
Fated to oblivion to slip
From ancient war of Iron/Earthen strife.

A chance, however slim, to mend the break-
A chance, its former glory to restore-
Resolved were we, heroic risks to take,
While facing down the ancient god once more.

A final meal--the calm before the storm--
A prayer, a blessing, gifts on all were given.
A final check, that all might well perform
The task which we by destiny were driven.

At a nod, we dashed into the den
Which once had been a prison, now a lair.
Deceptive was the one we found within
Who urged us fight and never to despair.

Then chaos reigned, the evil one's intent--
But aided by the three whom we had freed,
In speed and pow'r our skills they did augment,
Our minds refreshed, they willed us to succeed.

We saw the visions dark within the one
Whose work affected history for worse.
Fear pushed aside, blows struck to briefly stun,
And all did rally, casting spells diverse.

But hark! We heard the monster's dying roar
Into the gaping maw the fragments flew--
A hit, and he lay silent in his gore
And Val'anyr, reforged, awaited new.

Erupted then a cheer, in victory sweet,
And healers resurrected those who fell.
The quest, pursued, was finally complete
And Tempest annals long the tale would tell.

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