Thursday, May 5, 2011

Only One More!

Tuesday was an amazingly good raiding night.

For one thing, we started pretty much on time, because we had enough people to do so.  I suspect this was due, in part, to the fact we had formed a raiding group 20 minutes early with the goal of taking a silly screenshot . . .

The things which bring guilds together . . .

At any rate, by the time the screenshot was finished, we only needed a few more people to complete our raiding group, and off we headed to BWD.

We did have a couple of interesting mispulls . . . hunter's pet . . . stuff like that . . . but by and large, the evening went really smoothly.  By the time we took our midpoint break, all but Nefarian had fallen.

After break, we cracked our knuckles and prepared to face this final encounter.  Many of the raid had been in the guild first kill, but I had been away at the time.

Again, we had some less-than-stellar starts . . . issues in phase 2 with interrupts . . . the moonkin, who always starts the encounter as a stealthed cat, being discovered and killed, thus starting the encounter prematurely and causing a BR to be burned right away . . . But by the time we had an attempt which made it to phase 3 (second attempt?), we got Nefarian all the way down to 6% before wiping.

My jaw dropped.  After all the weeks in which we had tried and failed, suddenly we get him to 6% so easily?  Maybe, just maybe, we were getting the hang of the fight.  Maybe, just maybe, our group was finally prepared to take a look at an Heroic encounter or two.

Nefarian died with an hour left in our raiding schedule (on an attempt which started with a mis-pull, no less.)  We called it early, ending on a positive note.

And I got my tier helm.  Hooray for haste!

Now, there is only Al'akir.

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