Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Have Proof!

There really are people behind those avatars!

When our guild was working on 25-man ICC, we also set up a few unofficial 10-man groups.  One of those 10-man groups included three healers:  a Resto Druid (me), a Discipline Priest, and a Holy Paladin.  The three of us had been healing with each other for quite a while and were good at what we did.  We trusted each other and had confidence in each other's capabilities.

Now, having that kind of relationship of trust is not terribly unusual in a successful 10-man raiding group.  What was unusual, however, was that all three of us hailed from the same medium-population state:  New Mexico.  (Which apparently ranks 36th out of 50 in population by state . . .)

I thought this was funny, so I used to call us the "Leet New Mexican Healing Team."

Well, this week I had to go on a business trip in-state.  And it just so happened I ended up in the general neighborhood of the other two members of the "Leet New Mexican Healing Team."

It was the perfect opportunity!  The three of us were able to get together and talked for something like three hours.  I snapped a picture of the other two members, which means, of course, I have the screenshot!  (But I'm not so mean as to post it on my blog without their permission.)

I had never thought I would ever have the chance to meet anyone in person I had first met in WoW.  (Unless, of course, I went to Blizzcon or something, which hasn't happened to date.)  So this was really neat.

Of course, when I headed for home two mornings later and discovered my almost-17-yr-old daughter had put a hole through the girls' bedroom door the night before because the 9th grader had locked it and wouldn't unlock it, I wondered if I ever wanted to travel again.  (Why, why, why did she not just call me when she couldn't find the precision screwdriver to unlock the door and ask where I keep a spare?  Or call me and put me on speakerphone so I could talk with the 9th grader?)

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