Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wannabe Bullies IRL

Yes, I play on PVP servers.  I started on a PVP server not because I had any desire to run around PVPing, but because that was the server chosen by my husband and his brother when we first signed on to the game.  As I've written before, I learned to not worry too much when I was ganked, as long as people were reasonably fair about it.  ("OK, you got your honor kill, now don't be a bully.")

Today, I met someone who honestly has to be a "wannabe bully in real life."

My little Blood Elf hunter had fallen behind in her leatherworking and had to return to a zone she had already completed to pick up some medium leather.  Boring, boring work.

As she sat there, juggling Serpent Sting pulls and letting Kittykitty tear bears apart, a high-level Alliance hunter arrived on the scene.

I fully expected him to one-shot me, maybe laugh, and go his merry way.  As a character something to the effect of 31 levels above me, he wouldn't even be credited with an honor kill, but some people just like to do that, anyway.  So I just stopped moving, awaiting the inevitable.  But he didn't act as I expected.

Oh, sure, he attacked my little hunter, but he took a different tack.  He killed Kittykitty, but he did not kill my hunter.  He hit her so that her health was about five percent, then mounted and left.

That act could have had no other intent than to just make life difficult for my hunter and make himself feel powerful.  That is all he could have gotten out of it.  Sure, it would have been a pain to ghost run back to my body, but this course of action meant I had to rez my pet, feed my pet, heal my pet, bandage myself, and generally take much more trouble recovering from the situation.

Well, what else could I do?  I recovered and continued farming my leather.

About an hour or so later, the same Alliance hunter showed up on the scene again, where he proceeded to do the exact same thing.  Then he laughed.

This time, I got mad.  (Bad idea, I know . . . it means he won, in a fashion.  After all, what else do bullies want but to feel they have controlled someone else?)

I logged my hunter out and logged on my Druid.  As their names are the same, saving one letter, he could have no mistake who was speaking with him.  I whispered to him, "Odd way to get one's kicks, picking on lowbie hunters."  I waited, but he did not reply, so I logged back out and returned to my hunter, who headed to Undercity to raise her leatherworking.

I have heard it said that the measure of a man's character is how he treats those who can do nothing for him.  (On a related note, the measure of a man's character can be taken by how he treats those who are helpless.)  I remember your name, S*****E**, and I will remember the measure of your character.

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