Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hero (Sort Of)

The other day, I had a new experience.  I got to play hero . . . sort of . . .

Leveling characters on PVP servers acclimated me to random deaths from characters of the other faction.  (Ganking . . .)  When I was leveling my main, it used to make me mad.  Then I began looking upon gankers with a certain amount of scorn, figuring they were wannabe bullies in real life.  Then I became somewhat resigned to the inevitability of being ganked.  I'd run back to my body and continue on with my business.

But the other day, a friend of mine who had never before leveled a character on a PVP server whispered me.

"I just got killed by this Horde twice in Duskwallow Marsh."

"Oh?  Is he camping?"

"He's the same level as me, and he's waiting." (She was 44.)

"Ok, let me log onto my mage.  I can port right into Theramore."

Now, I'll be frank.  If someone had just ganked my friend and gone on his merry way, I wouldn't have bothered.  But I hate people who camp.  I want to say, "Hey, you've had your fun and you've collected your honor kill, now don't be a bully."

So I logged onto my mage and ported to Theramore, then invited my friend to group.  I followed her ghost as she returned to her body.  We found that her aggressor had apparently decided to finally quit the scene, but just in case, I stood guard while she finished her quest in that area.

I'm not skilled enough at PVP to be able to take on an equal level character one on one.  But I can certainly stand there and look scary if any level 44 bullies try to bug my friend.  (And if one is silly enough to try to take a swipe at her while I'm there, I'll obliterate him with an Arcane Blast.)

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