Friday, May 28, 2010

Thinking Before Speaking

The trouble with having a blog/web journal is that every so often, you want to write about something, but you are afraid that someone might actually read it.

You should see my Drafts folder . . .

A little bit of caution in this area might not go amiss for people chatting in-game, come to think of it.  Anything which goes on in chat is saved in Blizzard's records, which comes in handy when they have to investigate charges of harrassment or gold-selling spam or (sometimes) ninja-looting.  (Which is why it's a good idea to have a PUG raid leader spell out his loot policy in chat . . .)

And then there are people like me, who screenshot significant conversations.  Once you've typed it out, there is always the possibility of someone taking a picture of it.  (This applies to other on-line communications, as well, but that's outside this blog's area of interest.)  I screenshot significant conversations when they either shock and disturb me or when I want a record of my dealings with others.  To this date, I have never had to actually produce one, but I have them if I need them.

I can't say I'm totally innocent of chatting without reservations.  I've blown off steam a couple of times, and who knows? The person to whom I was speaking may have screenshotted the conversation.  The trouble with just blowing off steam in chat is that at the time, you may be angry enough you don't care who hears you or reads the exchange, but after you've cooled down, you may not want others to remember what you've said.

Anyway, if you are careful what you put in chat, chances are good you will keep your friends and not make enemies.  Isn't that reason enough to think before you speak . . . er . . . type?

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