Friday, May 21, 2010

Peace Returns to the Moonglade

Way back when the World of Warcraft was still young, there was a Druid Code.

1.  The Moonglade was sacred.
2.  Druids did not attack other Druids outside battlegrounds.

This is not something only I imagined; I have heard it discussed many times in wistful tones on the Druid class forum.  There seemed to be an unspoken bond between Druids, as if we had a link which transcended faction.  Old-time players relate anecdotes in which they participated in world PVP ventures against other players, only to stop and /salute the opposite faction Druid when the two of them were left standing amidst a pile of bodies.

There are some who maintain that the Code wasn't because of any imagined honor.  They say that Druids didn't bother killing each other because the Druid class at that time would have meant they'd be fighting longer than was worth it.  It might even be true.

In Burning Crusade, that started to change.  There began to be a distinction between "old-school" Druids and the new rerolls or new players.  It was shocking to hear of new level 10 Druids on their first trip to the Moonglade being killed by Druids 60 levels their senior.  Druids started eyeing each other warily as they visited Loganaar in the Moonglade for training or passed each other on the roads.  When a guildie playing a Druid alt boasted that he had killed a Horde Druid, I told him flat-out he wasn't really a Druid.

Now, there is no illusion of a code, although there are those of us who still believe in it and practice it ourselves.  I have fond memories of the Moonglade being, in my husband's words, my "happy little Druid place."  And, despite everything, there is still some sort of bond apparent among all Druids, as shown by the times when Druids of opposite factions /dance in forms, enjoying a laugh together as the bank steps in Dalaran are covered in treants, moonkins, bears and cats.  It would be a wonderful thing if that unwritten Code were to return, but I do not believe it will ever really happen.

So I guess my title is something of a dream.

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