Thursday, January 21, 2010

Older WoW Poetry

Yes, I know it is silly to write poetry based upon World of Warcraft experiences.  But sometimes I enjoy doing it anyway, even though I'm not very good.

This sonnet was written years ago, when I was in a guild called The Shadow Guards, now defunct.  We were facing the beginning of Burning Crusade, and there was much concern over what would happen to us as a guild in this time period.

To the Shadow Guards

As fireflies to flames are drawn, we came,
Propelled by visions disparately ours.
First joined by nothing stronger than a name,
Each carrying his separate battle scars.
Then, forged by Blackrock’s fire, the links were formed—
A chain to hold us close and meld the bond.
The many to a unit were transformed,
And with it came the hope to look beyond.
Soon we will face new challenges and change.
Soon friendships and this bond may well be tried.
Let us resolve to not let trials estrange
Each from the others; let this be our guide—
At one in heart and soul, and one in might,
The Shadow Guards now step into the light.

I might add that I remained in The Shadow Guards for about a year after that poem was written, and, yes, indeed, we faced problems in Burning Crusade.  (Oh!  Side note:  the guild leader's main character was named Fireflies.  I thought I was being clever by incorporating that into the poem.)

This was a sonnet written for fun, inspired one evening when I, as a Balance Druid, went with a friend playing a Feral Druid, as we helped a lower-level guildie farm a low-level instance.

Song of the Druids

We flew together under purple skies
Sustained by wings of grey or royal hue.
Swooping low, then beating hard to rise
To glide again on winds which never blew.
We fought together foes of visage dark--
The threat to peace, the enemies of right.
From each our hands there flew a brilliant spark
Defeating wrong with all-consuming light.
With sharpened claws you gathered up the foe
While my arms wove a storm of Nature’s wrath.
We saw them fall, by light of cavern’s glow,
Victorious in the quiet aftermath.
By claws and hands and feathered wings of song,
Together we will prosper and be strong.

This one was written for Tempest, as we prepared to head into Ulduar:

Tempestuous, it may appear to some
When we together challenge Arthas' Lich,
As to destruction they may not succumb
Nor our plans flow without a single hitch.
Yet on we go, again to make the stand--
Again, determined ever to succeed--
With high exacting standards we demand,
All others' expectations we'll exceed.
Press forward, then, press on to meet the foe!
To Ulduar we fly on outstretched wings.
The bosses there can never hope to know
The scarcely bridled storm that our raid brings.
They may well laugh, within their halls of frost,
But in the end, they will be Tempest-tossed.
(Yes, I had fun with that one . . .)

Who knows what other WoW poetry will be created in the future?

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