Monday, July 13, 2009

A Grove of Druids

Not too long ago, on the World of Warcraft Druid forums, someone asked what would be the proper term for a group of moonkins. After all, a group of cats could be a pack, while a group of Druids in flight form could be a flock. It was an interesting question to ponder. (My personal favorite was a "parliament" of moonkins, as a parliament of owls . . .)

But in conversations with the Druids in my guild, another question was raised: what do you call a group of Druids, in general?

In my guild, our 25-man raids usually include 5 or 6 Druids. On any given night, we may have 2 Feral Druids, 1 or 2 Balance Druids, and 1 or 2 Restoration Druids. This means that when you look around the raid, you would see a combination of bears, cats, moonkins, and Trees of Life. What word could be used to describe us all?

We thought about it a while and discussed it over our super-secret Druid chat channel (whose name has been closely-guarded from all outsiders . . . at least for the past 14 months or so, since I joined the guild.) Finally, a suggestion from one of our moonkins seemed to make the most sense.

We are a grove of Druids. As with all Night Elves, we are tied to the World Tree and, by extension, to the forests. We take upon ourselves forms at home in the forests. Of all the terms we discussed, a grove of Druids fit the best.

I do not know if every Druid discussion group would come to the same conclusion. I highly doubt they would. But for us, it works.

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