Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stumbling Around

Monday evening, I logged on Anachan to begin my Vuhdo investigations.  Standing in Stormwind, I checked out the configuration interface and clicked my keybinds to ensure the countdowns were showing properly.  It seems amazing I would still remember most of my keybinds, after a 15-month break, but then again, I was using the same keybinds for over 3 years before that . . .

Amazingly enough, I discovered the basics are still pretty similar!  There are some configuration differences, which I will explore, but by and large, nothing overly drastic has happened to the configuration interface. (At least I can still recognize it.) So updating my Vuhdo guide may prove to be less of a task than I feared.

For the giggles, I went ahead and started Anachan on her adventure toward Pandaria.  Upon arrival, fighting Horde mobs, I realized something was definitely wrong:  Starfire was not on my action bar.  This was only a problem because the Horde kept Nature locking me, and the only Balance spell I could find was Moonfire.  Much as I enjoy Moonfire spam in battlegrounds, it's rather counterproductive to just Moonfire the same mob over and over.

My 14-yr-old, pointing at the ability icon, said, "Click this."  I did and after a bit of hurried reading, discovered that I wasn't imagining things:  Starfire was not available to a Resto druid.

With a sigh, I decided I'd better read all five pages of abilities, rearranging my action bars a bit in the process to better display things.  A quick look at Lissanna's guide helped me chose some talents I thought might be useful.

This research process was hampered by the fact that I was still standing in the path of oncoming Horde mobs.  With half of my brain, I was fighting the Horde mobs, which appeared in one's and two's in fairly rapid succession, while with the other half, I was trying to analyze the changes made in the last year or so to the Druid class, changes I had only kept half an eye on and so hadn't remembered terribly well.  It got to be absolutely laughable after a while, reminding me of "The Court Jester", where Danny Kaye's character fences with Basil Rathbone while first pouring and then drinking a goblet of wine.

I thought about moving to stand next to the questgiver--most likely a safe location--but then chuckled.  After all, despite the aggravation, I was gaining brainless xp . . .

At any rate, I think I now know what I can and cannot do as a Resto druid, and I'm ready to jump in again, tackle some more stuff, and explore the new or remade options on Vuhdo.  Should be fun!

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