Monday, October 24, 2011

The Last Hoorah

My subscription ran out early Friday morning.  Although I hadn't normally been logging on for fishing during raid time (on purpose), as Thursday evening was my last night, I went ahead and quietly snuck in on my priest alt.  The raid was getting ready to face Ragnaros (regular--they've only got Shannox down on Heroic, so far), and they were down two people, so the officers asked if I would like to tag along, one last time.

Would I?!  I decided Anachan could wake up long enough to see Ragnaros fall.

It was wonderful to see everyone again.  One member of the raid whispered to see if I was the "real Anachan", asking a question for which he knew only I would know the answer.  (It referred to a previous conversation, pertaining to food and my kids.)  The healers told me they had gone down in civility since my departure, but reassured me they would be nice while I was there.  The guild master announced this would be my last time, so we should commemorate it with no wipes.  I had to grin.

Because I was sitting on a bunch of fish feasts and a few cauldrons, I went ahead and dropped them.  (Too bad these things are soulbound, or I would have handed a lot more fish feasts to someone.)

And you know what?  There were no wipes.  We cleared the trash and Ragnaros fell without any real issues.  It was cathartic.

I will miss raiding and playing with everyone, but finally I am reasonably at peace.

Moonglade, T8, Val'anyr, Sentimental Trinkets, Moonkin Hatchling . . . Time to sleep.
I may be revealing way too much about my inner psyche if I confess I actually purchased a ring as a memorial to Anachan.  It is silver, like her eyes (truthfully, I picked up silver because I have allergic reactions to low-carat gold), with a created emerald, for the Emerald Dream.  Flanking the emerald are leaves in Black Hills Gold, appropriate to both her race and her role.  I wear it often, and it makes me smile.

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  1. You will be missed & it was very regal & befitting the way your Guild ran one more Firelands raid in your revered memory.

    Your personal sentiments on closing this chapter of your life were deeply moving. Nothing to be laughed at or for there to be any shame. A keepsake ring is a great reminder of the times had & the achievements conquered.

    I do have two questions for you both as Anachan & yourself. If you want to answer them here or at my email, either way is ok. First question. Are you planning on completely shutting down this treasure of a blog & all the material within? Second question, little tougher perhaps to answer or decide on. Would you allow me the honor of writing your character into my Saga with all the respect & memory you wish her to leave behind? If that is something you would be interested in, a a way for you both to live on, then I could make that happen.

    Peace be with you fellow Druid. May Elune shine her light upon you, may you ultimately find the rest you seek in the Emerald Dream.