Monday, November 15, 2010

Stats Again!

Browsing the Stats section of Blogger for this blog has turned up a few interesting observations recently.

1. Referring Sites.  The vast majority of my referring sites are one form or another of one very predictable site.  But every so often, I find some site has apparently referred me for completely mysterious reasons.  Most recently, I found a referring site which purports to be a paid survey site.  (What that has to do with Restoration Druids, I have no idea.)  And most inexplicably, I found a referring site listed which . . . well, if its name holds true to its purpose, apparently deals in free sex videos.  (Anyone who knows me understands how completely surprised I was to see this one.  They'll probably be less surprised to hear there was one purporting to have kitchens on clearance . . .)

I have to wonder if those sites make a business of simply hitting random blogs in hopes that the bloggers will come to their sites out of curiosity and eventually give them business.  (Some sort of crawling robot or something.)  Or perhaps it is a similar tactic by those attempting to disseminate malicious software.  Either could be the case, but I'm not going to test it.

2.  Popular Posts.  For whatever reason, my most popular post by far (as in leaps and bounds) is my post about the Guild Relations Forum at the World of Warcraft website.  This post was written back in May, and as far as I know, is not exceptionally well-written.  Maybe someone has bookmarked it to be able to follow a link?  Maybe someone is trying to give me a hint that informative pages, rather than anectdotes or treatises on originality or the rule of law, are more in demand?  Go figure.  (Still not going to write a redundant healing guide, thank you very much.)

3. Audience.  I already mentioned my delight in seeing new countries on my audience list.  I'm now up to twenty-two countries where people have accessed my blog to one degree or another.  More than likely, the majority of them just sort of stumbled on it, because many of those countries do not reappear frequently, but that is all right.  They are still on my list.  (Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Moldova are the most recent.  I had to look up Moldova.)

While there is not enough traffic to this blog to be able to make any statistical pronouncements (such as percentages of people using various browsers--changes week to week), there are certainly things on the Stats page which make it worthwhile for me to follow.

By the way, Moldova is in Eastern Europe:

(Image from

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